logo design

Logo Design:
Let's take your ideas and make them come to life.  
We want to work with you to create a logo that represents you and your business.  
We will provide you with JPEG, PDF and PNG files that can be used on 
business cards, facebook, stationary and websites.

$75 for creative design, unlimited proofs and final files


  1. The process I used was somewhat disjointed and a very long one at that, mainly because I was designing for myself and I had no idea what ‘brand’ I was after, but this is it. Enjoy.
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  6. As we all know that a logo is a symbol, representative or signature of a brand, majority of companies prefer to have eye-catching logos for their websites.
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  7. Online logo design competition contests assist you on each and every step of the process. If you don't like your brochure pattern options, you get 100% of your payment back. It's that smooth.
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